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Sales System for growth and confidence in the future of your business

Welcome to the Digital Age - don't get left behind with outdated websites and forms of advertising that can hinder your business from greater scalability and reach. Drive traffic from social media and convert more sales using funnels paired with powerful marketing strategies!

WHAT ARE funnels?

Focused sales. Not distractions

Sales funnels are organized and optimized to take potential customers-or leads-to a landing page where they can view video, photos, and testimonies, that build desire for your product or services. Within the funnel, interested prospects can submit their contact information to connect more or even complete purchases-without distracting links, tabs, or menus that "navigate" their attention away from converting.
WHAT is social media marketing?

Find your targeted audience.

Sales funnels combined with effective ads are the powerful hack your business needs to grow. When leads click through an ad and visit the landing page, there they are captured, retargeted, and shown more ads - NO click goes to waste! Some see marketing as a hefty operating cost, rather it's the lifeblood investment that pays off each month. As your ads run, they can produce you more customers, increasing sales.

The Framework That Produces Massive Results

Step 1: Sales Funnel

Build a landing page sales funnel that converts leads into sales
  • Sales and follow-ups with your customers are automated behind the scenes
  • Simplified systems that save time so you can focus on other priorities
  • Eye catching designs that look professional and build authority and trust

Step 2: Ads Campaign

Run traffic to your funnel using Facebook and Google Ads
  • Place your ads in high traffic areas on social media and search engines
  •  Avoid expensive-outdated tv/radio ads, billboards, etc. forms of advertisement
  • Build organic interest. Proper campaigns shouldn't be annoying or spammy

Step 3: Retarget Leads

Recapture those visitors by showing them more ads
  • Leads that view the landing page but don't commit the first time are shown more ads
  • ​Fewer leads go to waste with a retargeting campaign that recaptures attention
  • Research reveals: a buyer sees ads an average of 7X before a making a purchase

Beautiful Funnel Design Examples...

(Details have been blocked out to protect funnel owner's privacy)

Insert Hook Here

"Insert the perfect text that talks about what previous customers have said about you." - Name

Insert Hook Here

"Insert the perfect text that talks about what previous customers have said about you." - Name 

Insert Hook Here

"Insert the perfect text that talks about what previous customers have said about you." - Name
Who's behind the screen

Aloha and welcome...

My name's Gabriella Funk-Puou, an entrepreneur based out of Hawaii, and the owner/operator of 808 LEADZ. We've witnessed how online presence and digital marketing are integral for building a successful brand in this age. 

808 LEADZ was founded on providing businesses with powerful marketing strategies and web funnel designs that actually convert sales and produce real results. 

For A Limited Time - Would You Be Interested

In A FREE 2 Week Trial of Ads?

My offer is to build you an Ad Campaign and run it for 2 weeks FREE! 

If there's no improvement to the traffic coming into your landing page in a couple weeks after the campaign is launched, we can simply shut off the ads and part ways. NO PAYMENT is necessary unless you are fully satisfied after the Free 2 Week Trial is over and want to keep the campaign running!

[This offer does not include ad spend]
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